Lightweight & Strong

GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Technology) is fundamentally concrete. However, with the application of specially created cement based slurry, mixed with carefully measured high quality polymers and alkaline resistant glass fibre technology, GFRC moulded products can be produced with a hollow core (for example in statues) or relatively thin walls (for example in planters) whilst still maintaining structural strength. A great advantage of this lightweight manufacturing technology is that relatively large and strong moulded GFRC products can be produced without being too difficult or costly to move around or transport.

Typically manufactured to a thickness of around 10mm, GFRC panels are generally 50% - 70% lighter than precast concrete


The weathering characteristics of GFRC are as good as any precast material and better than almost any semi-dry material for outdoor applications. The components of GFRC can be specially formulated for greater protection and durability, with a wide range of specialised products that offer resistance from impact, weather, water, chemicals and fire damage.

Unlike traditional reinforced cement, GFRC is not at risk of corrosion because it typically doesn't require steel reinforcement.

Unlike products moulded out of resin-based substances, GFRC does not break down in harsh weather conditions or as a result of UV rays.

Unlike fibre clay pots and planters, GFRC does not breakdown when in constant contact with   wet soil.

Satu Bumi uses two highly tested and proven colouring techniques to suit various different product applications:-

The first colouring technique entails the use of an oxide wash whereby the colour is infused into the body of a product during the curing process. This process ensures that colour attributes maintain their integrity by resisting UV breakdown and by eliminating peeling in the harshest of weather conditions.

The second colouring technique entails the use of high quality paint that has been specifically developed for use on concrete surfaces.


GFRC offers an unrivalled creativity and versatility in the development of new product designs with its attribute of being able to be used to accurately reproduce almost any small or large product design. In addition, end products can be finished in a wide variety of textures and colours.