Australia Owned GRC Manufacturing Company

Satu Bumi Australian Family Owned GFC Manufacturing Company

Satu Bumi is a family owned business that commenced manufacturing Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) (GRC) furniture and outside garden décor products from its factory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2012. The factory covers over 10,000 square meters (approx.100,000 square feet) and employs approximately 200 staff.

The founding owners of Satu Bumi, Gary Landers and Harry Grace, both had very successful commercial careers in the Asia/Pacific region before establishing Satu Bumi and were looking for an opportunity to establish a new business with their sons, Robert and Lachlan.

The founders decided to enter the GFRC manufacturing industry after recognising a real gap in the supply of quality GFRC products to the garden decor and furniture markets. Although GFRC manufacturing technology had been around in these markets for some time before their involvement, it was clear that very few companies were able to manufacture and reliably supply quality GFRC products in commercial volumes on an international level.

GFRC is a great technology

It is amazingly adaptable to the manufacture of almost any shape or size, enables impressive colors and textures and is incredibly durable. However, GFRC manufacturing is typically labor intensive and therefore expensive in high labor cost countries. On the otherhand, low labor cost countries typically tend to have under-capitalised businesses, difficulty in attracting good quality managerial staff, poor communication skills (i.e. limited languageskills) and commercial cultures that are generally incompatible with most western countries.

In essence the market was ripe for the introduction of a new GFRC manufacturer into the garden decor and furniture markets that could combine the advantages of Indonesia’s low cost of production with adequate capital and managerial expertise.


Family Owned, Focused on Building Relationships

Having introduced their two sons into the business, the two founding owners have developed
a business strategy based on building long term, reliable commercial relationships with a controlled number of well established distribution, wholesale and retailer customers throughout the world. Satu Bumi is committed to providing those customers with a combination of quality, innovation, service, ethical business practices and the pursuit of mutually beneficial commercial outcomes in all its business relationships.

In addition, Satu Bumi is a member of SEDEX and is dedicated to improving and maintaining responsible business and social practices in Labor Standards, Health & Safety Standards, Environmental Standards and Business Ethics to ensure it meets both local Indonesian standards and the standards required by our international customer base.

Competitive Pricing

The garden decor and furniture markets are highly competitive and therefore creating an ever increasing demand from distributors and retailers for direct access to lower cost internationally based manufacturers. This demand is being made easier to satisfy with the advent of inexpensive Internet based communications, low cost international air fares and competitive international shipping rates. However, international commerce brings with it the potential risksand frustrations associated with language barriers and di erent country based commercial andsocial infrastructures and cultures.

Ease of Doing business with English Speaking Management

What makes Satu Bumi unique is its ability to combine the bene ts of low cost manufacturing ina developing economy and the “ease of doing business” with an English speaking managementand sales team that is able to directly communicate e ectively and e ciently with rst world businesses. This opens the door to businesses that have previously found it di cult or evendaunting to establish supply arrangements in Asia that would otherwise provide them with access to a range of high quality and very attractively priced products. In reality, if these business are not taking advantage of the Asian market today their competitors probably are!


Before choosing to establish Satu Bumi’s manufacturing facilities in Indonesia the founders considered a number of other countries in the Asian Region including China, India, Vietnam and
the Philippines. As a result of that work Indonesia stood out, with approximately two hundred and sixty million people, as an emerging regional powerhouse for manufacturing but with a far less commercially developed and consequently more cost attractive position than those other countries. In addition, Indonesia provides easy access to international shipping, the perfect warm and humid climate for concrete curing and unique access to Teak Wood that is an essential ingredient in Satu Bumi’s furniture range.

Our Process is Focused on our Clients

Satu Bumi recognises that building e ective communication, reliable service and providingcompetitive pricing are all essential elements in a good commercial relationship. However, in the end, sound long term commercial manufacturing and supply relationships always depend on the quality of the product being supplied.

Satu Bumi’s has a very strong focus on quality whereby its manufacturing philosophy is to design, produce and package all its products to be “fit for customer”, “fit for purpose” and “fit for transport”.

“fit for customer” by being aesthetically appealing, attractively packaged and competitively priced.“fit for purpose” by being structurally sound and designed to meet their intended purpose. “fit for transport” by being strong enough to withstand the rigours of international shipping and land based transport and by being well packaged and designed from the ground up to optimise shipping costs.

In essence, Satu Bumi prides itself on being very cost competitive, reliable, honest and “easy to do business with” whilst always keeping a focus on the quality of its products.