Custom Made Planter Boxes - More Affordable than you may think

Custom designed outdoor planter boxes perfect for the Australian climate

If you’ve been deterred from choosing custom made planter boxes because of their seemed affordability - we have good news. Satu Bumi’s efficient mold making techniques in conjunction with the flexibility of GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) construction enables Satu Bumi to manufacture planters in any size or shape to meet project specifications without the constraints of having to use standard, one-size-fits-all, planter boxes.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GRC) is the perfect technology for manufacturing outdoor planter boxes for commercial projects. Well-made GRC planter boxes are strong, fire resistant, waterproof and able to withstand Australia’s harsh weather conditions while remaining aesthetically pleasing - all of which are important considerations in the construction industry where long-term warranties need to be supported.

While many types of standard non-commercial grade GRC planter boxes are readily available on the market, sourcing commercial-grade GRC planters to meet custom specifications is not always easy. Satu Bumi is a large GRC manufacturer specialising in the design and production of standard size and custom-made commercial-grade GRC planter boxes for the landscape market.

Satu Bumi welcomes the opportunity to provide private clients, architects, designers and developers with a custom made planter box solution. By manufacturing planter boxes with GRC technology, Satu Bumi is able to provide planters that meet the design intent of almost any commercial project. And, given our low-cost, efficient production processes, we can deliver bespoke planters at almost the same price as standard size GRC planters.

Custom made planter boxes, staged onsite before delivery.

Satu Bumi has very strong quality control in its product engineering and manufacturing processes, as you would expect from any good manufacturing business. To guarantee this quality, Satu Bumi stages custom-made orders before they leave the factory, ensuring they fit together as expected when installed onsite. In addition, orders are packed in heavy-duty cardboard to protect them against any potential damage during transport.

Don’t compromise a project’s design intent by accepting standard size GRC planters when you can achieve custom-made planter boxes for virtually the same price.

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