Project: Deakin University, Geelong

Deakin University’s Geelong Waterfront Campus is positioned elegantly on the seafront - in the heart of Geelong, about an hour away from Melbourne. Originally built as wool stores in the 19th century, the buildings have been extensively renovated, creating a modern, impressive campus. Geelong Waterfront Campus was founded in 1994. As of 2019 Deakin University had 4330 students, 322 staff and offers 201 different course options.

Satu Bumi was commissioned to activate the street facing frontage of the of the recently completed student accomodation building - Brougham House. Brougham House was completed in May 2018 and offers 410 bedrooms in five to nine bedroom shared apartments across ten floors. The building incorporates contemporary communal study spaces, large open plan recreation spaces and a large rooftop terrace with stunning views across Corio bay. The 11 Story building designed by innovative architects Nettletontribe, adds to the growing high-rise landscape in Geelong.

Deakin University selected GRC trough planters in solid finishes to line the front of their student accommodation premises. The Trough Planters were selected for there durability, customised finish options and longevity. The client also took advantage of using Satu Bumi’s built-in graffiti deterrent protection on the trough planters to ensure ongoing maintenance requirements are minimised. As street facing planter boxes they provide visual appeal for the building and also offer a solid barrier to busy Brougham Street which is located directly outside the buildings main exit/entry.

Location: Geelong
Client: NettletonTribe
Completed: 2018
Products used: Trough Planters, Customised finish and Graffiti protection.