Project: Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE, NSW

The sophisticated courtyard at St Leonards campus of the Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE creates a communal learning area and serves as a space for a range of purposes and functions.

For this activated outdoor space we worked closely with Barbro Constuctions who selected a combination of GRC Planter forms and sizes to create a green oasis to encourage students and staff into the courtyard space to use as an active functional work and learning space. By providing the right outdoor environment the courtyard has allowed lectures to occur away from traditional lecture rooms and enclosed offices and enhanced the learning experience.

Location: St Leonard’s, NSW
Sector: Education
Building Project by: NBRS Architecture, Barbro Constructions
Completed: December 2017
Products used: GRC U-Planters, GRC Flower Pots, GRC Bowls, White Concrete Finish

Image Credits: Barbro Constructions, NBRS Architecture