How did it start? 

Satu Bumi is a family owned business that commenced manufacturing GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) Commercial Planters, Large Planter Boxes and other precast concrete landscaping products from its factory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia in 2012.

The founding owners of Satu Bumi, Gary Landers and Harry Grace, both had very successful commercial careers in the Asia/Pacific region before establishing Satu Bumi and were looking for an opportunity to establish a new business with their sons, Robert and Lachlan.

The founders decided to enter the GRC manufacturing industry after recognising a real gap in the supply of quality GRC planter boxes and other concrete based landscaping products to the wholesale and commercial markets in Australia. Although GRC manufacturing technology had been around in these markets for some time, it was clear that very few companies were able to manufacture and reliably supply quality GRC landscaping products in commercial volumes.

What do we do?

Satu Bumi manufactures strong but lightweight precast GRC providing a unique long-life quality offering for concrete based planters, pots and other landscaping products that sets it apart from terracotta, fibre clay, ceramic and resin based products.

With a factory that covers around 10,000 square meters (approx. 100,000 square feet) and approximately 200 staff, Satu Bumi has the capacity and competence to produce a range of high quality GRC products that is highly sort after throughout the world.

Local Commitment to Indonesia

Satu Bumi is a member of SEDEX and is dedicated to improving and maintaining responsible business and social practices in Labour Standards, Health & Safety Standards, Environmental Standards and Business Ethics to ensure it meets both local Indonesian standards and the standards required by our international customer base.