GRC pots and planters look great in a natural grey or white concrete. However, there is a vast array of alternative finishes that can be applied to GRC products including natural oxide stains, textures and high quality paints that can be mixed and matched to satisfy the bespoke requirements of any landscape designer. One of our business development managers will work directly  with you and our internal product engineering team to ensure the finishing you require is included in the product design and costing estimates.

Waterproofing & Graffiti Protection

The design stage is the appropriate time to make decisions about what type of waterproofing and graffiti protection you will require in a custom made product because these decisions could impact the costing estimates to manufacture the final design. One of our business development managers will provide you with the information you require to make the right decisions on this from both a performance and a costing perspective.

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Product Sample Approval

By the very nature of custom product development, the prime objective is to satisfy the vision and expectations of the customer's requirements. Therefore, Satu Bumi will provide either final physical product samples or appropriate photography for final customer approval before the commencement of actual production.


Packaging is often the part of sourcing of GRC products that is not really thought about much. However, it is an important element in getting products to their ultimate destination intact. Therefore, Satu Bumi takes a lot of care in the three key elements of good packaging for new GRC products, i.e. design, application of the design in the actual packing process and the minimisation of issues relating to the ultimate disposability of the packing materials.

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Satu Bumi's Commercial Projects Presentation

Custom-Made-Product Development Requests

Satu Bumi welcomes the opportunity to work with new customers to produce imaginative and commercially viable GRC products. Therefore, please feel free to contact us for a free quote by completing the following contact form.


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