Satu Bumi's Casual Range of painted GRC pots emphasizes pastel colours, simple lines and geometric patterns on predominately white backgrounds. The quality of the finish of these pots is excellent and in conjunction with the proven robustness of their GFRC (Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete) base are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

                Perrier Blue              vertical lines  

                Perrier Blue
             vertical lines

                  Perky Lime              vertical lines

                 Perky Lime
             vertical lines

                   Livid pink            vertical l lines

                   Livid pink
           vertical l lines

              ARMENIAN blue               vertical lines

              ARMENIAN blue
              vertical lines

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Product Number:   1015.
       Dimensions:   630 mm Height x 750 mm Diameter     

Product Number:   1010.
       Dimensions:   500 mm Height x 500 mm Diameter      

Product Number:   1010.
       Dimensions:   400 mm Height x 400 mm Diameter     

Available Colours

Satchet (Yellow), Flora (Golden Yellow), Livid Pink (Light Pink), Parasol (Red), Armenian Blue (Light Blue), Perky Lime (Light Green), Perrier (Dark Blue) and Peach Blush (Light Orange)

Packing Details

All Satu Bumi's Designer Pots are packaged in cardboard unless otherwise requested by the customer.


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