Amalfi - grc pot

         Amalfi - grc pot

The Amalfi Classic GRC Pot is available in three sizes and has a smooth texture on a commanding shape. These pots present a very strong statement piece for any garden or patio location. However, the largest version is particularly suitable for rows of large pots in grand entrances such as major hotels and country clubs. It is available in a number of old metallic and old stone colours that provide a traditional and appealing aged appearance.

Satu Bumi Amalfi GRC Pot Drawing.png

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Product Number:   1210.
       Dimensions:   800 mm Height x 800 mm Diameter

Product Number:   1210.
       Dimensions:   700 mm Height x 700 mm Diameter

Product Number:   1210.
       Dimensions:   600 mm Height x 600 mm Diameter

       amalfi grc pot          Example of    verdigris colour

       amalfi grc pot
         Example of
   verdigris colour

Available Textures


Available Colours

Old Metallic Oxide Stains:   Cast Iron, Rust Wet and Verdigris
             Old Stone Stains:    Iron Stone and Iron Ore
                 Other Options:    Natural Concrete

Packing Details

This product is normally packed in wood. However, depending on volume, cardboard packaging can be provided upon request.

     Satu Bumi - Cardboard              packaging  example

        Satu Bumi - Wood Packaging                          Example

        Satu Bumi - Wood Packaging

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