The Noosa Fountain is a small foot print water feature specifically designed for smaller spaces. It is available in a number of different old metallic and old stone colours that provide a traditional and appealing aged appearance and painted enamel that looks great in inside spaces.

          noosa   Fountain           GRC water feature         Neo Coffee colour

          noosa Fountain  
        GRC water feature
        Neo Coffee colour

          noosa   Fountain            GRC water feature        White painted enamel

          noosa Fountain  
         GRC water feature
       White painted enamel

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Product Number:   1360.
       Dimensions:   1120 mm Height x 770 mm Width x 450 mm Depth

Available Textures


Available Colours

Old Metallic Oxide Stains:   Cast Iron
             Old Stone Stains:    Iron Stone and Iron Ore
                  Paint Options:    Available in virtually any painted colour
                 Other Options:    Neo Coffee

Packing Details

This product is normally packed in wood. However, depending on volume, cardboard packaging can be provided upon request.

          Satu Bumi - Wood           Packaging Example

          Satu Bumi - Wood
         Packaging Example

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