osaka   Fountain            GRC water feature

            osaka Fountain  
         GRC water feature

The Osaka Fountain is a small water feature with a number of interesting design features. It has two levels with their own water pump outlets and rippled cascade walls on three sides. In addition, the Osaka has a hidden water reservoir that prevents leaves and dirt from polluting the pond.  

The Osaka Fountain comes with a smooth surface and is available in a number of different old metallic and old stone colours that provide a traditional and appealing aged appearance.



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Product Number:   1332.
       Dimensions:   1330 mm Height x 1100 mm Width x 530 mm Depth

Available Textures


          osaka fountain        grc water feature             close up view

          osaka fountain
       grc water feature
            close up view

Available Colours

Old Metallic Oxide Stains:   Cast Iron and Rust Wet
             Old Stone Stains:    Iron Stone and Iron Ore
                 Other Options:    Neo Coffee

Packing Details

This product is normally packed in wood. However, depending on volume, cardboard packaging can be provided upon request.


        Satu Bumi - Wood Packaging                           Example

        Satu Bumi - Wood Packaging

     Satu Bumi - Cardboard              packaging  example

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