Colour Highlights             Cylinder GRC Pot            (With Gold metallic band)

          Colour Highlights
            Cylinder GRC Pot            (With Gold metallic band)

Colour Highlights Cylinder
- Painted GRC Pots

The Colour Highlights Cylinder Pot is one of four shapes in the Colour Highlights Range that have been designed to provide a splash of colour on a natural concrete base. These pots have a contemporary raw appeal with a bit of a difference.

In addition, the four separate Colour Highlights shapes can be mixed and matched to provide an interesting eclectic appeal yet still look like they belong together in the same setting.

The Colour Highlights range is available in six colours. Three flat paint options that are very trendy and look great in holiday homes, cafes and modern apartments. And three metallic paint options that provide a more sophisticated appeal that look fabulous in more up-market settings.

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Product Number:   1025.
       Dimensions:   650 mm Height x 360 mm Diameter   


Available Colours

Flat Paints:  
Tamale Red, Dark Cloud, Golden Lilly (Yellow)

Metallic Paints:
Gold, Silver and Copper                   

Packing Details

All Satu Bumi's Colour Highlights Painted Pots are packaged in either wood cardboard as requested by the customer.


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