Large Planter Boxes for the Landscaping Market - Based on GRC Technology

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Satu Bumi's CityScape Range of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) Planter Boxes have been engineered for the robust and demanding Commercial Building and Landscaping Industries. Designers, Architects, Landscapers and Builders are all discovering the benefits of lightweight modular concrete planter boxes over traditional concrete planter construction methods including the use of precast concrete, form work and block work.                         

Who do we work with?

Within Australia, Satu Bumi works directly with landscape designers, estimators and architects to provide a free service at the estimation stage of projects to establish a preliminary costing for their concrete planter requirements. Satu Bumi will then provide the following services as required: -
-  Free assistance in the finalization of the planter sizing and costing
-  Product engineering for the design of project-specific concrete planters
-  Access to a catalogue of standard size concrete planters
-  Direct-from-the-manufacture supply of concrete planters

Do we have standard modular designs? 

Satu Bumi has an extensive range of Modular Planter Boxes.  Please take a look through our range via:

How do you Purchase?

Contact Satu Bumi to discuss your project requirements on (03) 5292 1001 or by email at   

Additional Information

The following is a set of articles for those that are relatively new to GRC technology and in particular new to the sourcing of GRC planters for commercial projects. The objective here is to provide the reader with a logical progression through information that is relevant to the sourcing of GRC planters.

Article 1:    
GRC Planters - How are they Made

This article explains how precast GRC products are made from design through to packing and transport.

Article 2: 
GRC Planters - Advantages

This article explains the advantages of precast GRC planters in general and in particular over formwork or blockwork.

Article 3: 
GRC Planters - Important Considerations when Sourcing

This article explains five important things you should consider when sourcing GRC planters for commercial projects.