Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) / Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)

Satu Bumi is a low-cost, high quality, Indonesian based manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC) / Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete home, garden and commercial-grade products for its two main distribution channels: -

Wholesale Channel 

To which Satu Bumi provides a high quality and reliable GRC manufacturing service to a network of wholesale and distribution businesses. Satu Bumi’s extensive range of GRC products, competitive pricing and large manufacturing capacity make this distribution channel very attractive to importers and wholesalers throughout the world in Australia, Asia Pacific, Europe, the USA, Africa and the Middle East.

Commercial Channel

For which Satu Bumi provides both a “commercial grade” range of standard GRC products and a bespoke product engineering service for the development of designer-specified GRC products. Satu Bumi takes a more direct role in this distribution channel to provide professional designers with: -

  • A direct working relationship with our product engineering services for bespoke product designs.
  • Access to very competitive factory-direct pricing from our low-cost manufacturing facilities in Indonesia.
  • Access to a low-cost transport model based on international containerisation efficiencies.

Satu Bumi also works very closely in partnership with a selected range of distributors in the “Commercial Channel” to provide seamless in-country warehousing and installation services where required.