Australian owned GFC Manufacturer.

Leading the industry in advanced concrete technology to manufacture GRC Concrete Planter Boxes, Pots & Troughs

Satu Bumi uses advanced concrete technology, including Glass Reinforced Concrete (GRC), to create incredibly strong and durable precast concrete landscaping products such as precast concrete planters, pots, street furniture and water features for marketing through two distinct distribution channels.

Distribution Channels

  1. CityScape Planter Solutions Channel - Large GRC Planters

For the Australian market, Satu Bumi provides a direct commercial-grade concrete planter solutions channel based on our CityScape Range of GRC planters that includes the following six elements:

  • Assistance in the sizing and costing of concrete planters

  • Product engineering for the design of tailor made concrete planters

  • Access to a catalogue of standard size concrete planters

  • Direct communication with the manufacturer

  • Direct-from-the-manufacture supply of concrete planters

  • Free professional project management to coordinate the supply logistics for large projects

This channel is best suited to Australian based architects, landscape architects, project estimators and project managers that have projects that require concrete planters that meet the specific design, size, durability and waterproofing requirements of their projects.

2. Distributor Channel

Satu Bumi uses its extensive product catalogues and manufacturing capacity to mass produce concrete landscaping products at a price point for a network of wholesale and distribution businesses throughout the world, including Europe, the US, the Middle East and Asian Pacific.

This distribution channel is best suited to wholesale businesses that have their own importing, warehousing and display facilities and have an established network of retailers and/or commercial customers that on-sell their products at retail price points.

Satu Bumi is an Australian company with fully owned manufacturing facilities in Indonesia.


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