Each of the CityScape shapes are available in a variety of standardised dimensions that enable them to be mixed and matched and yet still retain a look of design consistency. The CityScape range has a selection of standard options and accessories that can be chosen at the time of ordering. However, Satu Bumi also provides a highly skilled custom-made service when specific sized GRC planters are required either as an alternative to standard sized GRC planters or to be mixed and matched with them.

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Price V’s Design Compromise

Low-cost off-the-shelf concrete planters can provide a genuine value-for-money option for the supply of concrete planters. In fact, Satu Bumi provides this option for a significant selection of different shapes and sizes of GRC planters including bowl planters, cylinder planters, rectangle planters, square planters and U planters. However, in many cases this option may require considerable compromise on size, shape, texture, finish, robustness, plumbing and/or water proofing features.

The CityScape Solution

Satu Bumi’s CityScape concrete planter solutions option has been developed for when compromise is not the best answer by providing a solutions-based approach to the provision of concrete planters that includes a combination of: -

  • Direct up-front representation for assistance in product specifications and price quotations for both standard and bespoke concrete planter sizes, shapes and finishes.This has proven to be a valuable free service that enables project architects and estimators to cost their projects as well as identify potential practical problems relating to the supply of concrete planters for specific projects.

  • Access to a product engineering team that can provide drawings, specifications and guidance on new bespoke concrete planter designs and finishes. Satu Bumi has its own in-house Product Engineering Team that can tailor designs to meet the project-specific requirements of almost any concrete planter project.

  • Access to a range of pre-engineered modular designs that can be cost-effectively utilised on a project with or without bespoke designs to provide a homogeneous look and feel. Where compromise is acceptable, the use of standard sized planters for all or part of a project can assist in keeping project costs down. And being able to match the design of standard sized planters with bespoke designs on the same project can enable the best possible combination of cost minimisation and design harmony.

  • Direct relationship with the manufacturer that keeps the lines of communication and responsibility clean and eliminates the layers of cost associated with third party involvement.

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